I love the table top still life. It’s what I am envisioning when I create cardboard pieces, and when I paint. The table top, whether real or imaginary, functions not only as a frame for the objects but as a point in time. We glimpse a moment which may have just happened, may be happening, or is about to happen.

I often mention this in the titles, such as ” Travel Talk Before Dinner” below.

Travel Talk

At times I just mention the objects and let the viewer fill in the blanks, as in “Still Life With Three Objects” below. It’s a complete story for me, but it invites the viewer to create their own behind the scene story. Over the years as my work has evolved, this concept of the tabletop as a universe has also continued to evolve.

Banana and Eggplant with 3 colors copy_3 copy

Although “Chocolate Cupcakes On A Shelf”  may appear to be a wall piece, I actually created it as a hanging tabletop.


full_side copy

During the relocation of the past year and a half, I have been ‘sketching’ through an evolution that is less visually descriptive. Although continuing to use objects that relate in a space, I am adding objects that on the surface appear to be unrelated.
There are common threads that are always present. These building blocks, such as color, texture, line, and volume are the visual expression of creative work.  But beyond that,  my current direction is a less visually descriptive way of seeing.  Where is it all going? I remain opened to that answer.