What Inspires?

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My thoughts on relocating?  I had no idea it would be such a long search for a new abode. But here I am in my new city, still looking for the house I will call home. Until I do find ‘the’ house, I live in a great neighborhood filled with inspiration. And I walk daily.

I see unexpected art.

I can be transported to the woods simply by passing a neighbor’s water feature.

I can find myself suddenly standing in a magical place, under a Japanese maple leaning precariously over the sidewalk.

And I can meet a new friend along the way.

This richness of experience is a great ingredient to add to the mix that is the daily life of an artist.

It’s all about perspective. I do have a very small temporary studio space, but beyond this space I have so much more. So I walk everyday, and return to fill my sketchbooks with projects waiting to be executed when my permanent studio space appears.


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