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Sweet, fried dough? Made to conveniently fit in you hand?  There are so many reasons to love this treat. And we in the US are not the only lovers of this decadent, delicious deep fried dough. From Zeppole in Southern Italy to Paczki in Poland, it’s really an international favorite.

Just when I think I will never paint another doughnut, one comes along that  I can’t seem to resist. It’s not only that very memorable flavor, doughnuts also possess a powerful and compelling art allure.  They are commonly “round”, one of the building block shapes of drawing.  You can hold them, like a brush or pencil.  Plus they can be any color represented on the color wheel, and are often multi-colored.  After all, from my perspective, sprinkles and coconut are just small pieces of color.


Come to think of it, I wonder why I even considered I may never paint another doughnut…..I’m sure there will be many more doughnuts on my canvas, panel or paper in the future. I’ll just have to have this conversation with myself all over again.