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I am temporarily settled into a very diminutive studio space. It’s one wall, in a small room.  Although this may seem a challenge, I have embraced my work wall and all it’s demands. I refer to it as my “petite making space”. It’s has a poetic feel, and calls for me to be very organized, and to thoughtfully decide what  tools and materials I need for any given project. Gone are the days when cardboard was strewn all over the floor or leaning against the walls, and a painting was in progress at all times on the easel.  Now the easel is the work table,


and the scaled back cardboard collection is carefully housed and neatly stacked in plastic tubs against a wall.


The larger cardboard larder is in a heated dry storage, which I visit weekly for picking and choosing. Now I either paint, or work on cardboard, but I must chose which to do when.


It’s either one or the other.  This all seems to work, as long as both are relatively small scale. So for now, it really is ‘petite making’.