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Hasn’t it been a long hiatus? It feels as if I have been floating above ground and there have been no feet with which to land.

After finishing a 15 year restoration on the bungalow where Art On The Menu lived, cooked and created, the time had come to get the very last project off the list. I should add this was the very biggest project: the kitchen. Then the long term goals of finishing the restoration, selling the house, and moving could be completed. And the destination? A Northwest city with a thriving art and food culture.



So here we are. Art On The Menu is currently in an apartment while looking for a house to call home. The apartment is compact, but efficient, as is the current studio space. The ‘studio’ is on one 10ft wall, with rotating bins of cardboard lining the second wall. The office is on the opposite wall, and a shelf of miscellaneous studio equipment on the last wall of this small room. It’s working as long as the work itself is of a certain modest size! But I will save that for another post.


Now that the studio is organized I will begin to complete my promised commissions, and thank all my dear clients that graciously wanted me to wait on completing their commissions while the move was in progress. And, I can begin some new work I have been thinking about for months.

And landing on your feet? I can see mine again.