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Published by Patianne on 18 Sep 2008

Iron Cupcake!

Get your cupcakes on bakers!  If you are baking in the “other” kitchen, let’s see your batter, bowl and spoons and your oven center stage. This little “Mini Cupcake With Buttercream and Cherry On Commemorative Silver Dessert Stand” is the October prize for the Iron Cupcake Competition.

And this cupcake was baked to order in The Cardboard Kitchen. That’s why it comes complete with a silver dessert stand: in the Cardboard Kitchen we can perform such magic as making silver out of gray cardboard.

Here are the specifics: height to top of cherry: 4 1/2″; width including stand: 3″. And your little cupcake arrives with a list of ingredients. Wait till you see what it’s made of!  So have fun and bake your pans off!

Read the winning recipe!: Muffin Cupcake House. Congratulations Fabiola!

Published by Patianne on 16 Sep 2008

What’s In The Oven?

I’ve  been baking lots of sweets in The Cardboard Kitchen lately. This cupcake was inspired by all the amazing cupcakes that are produced in the kitchen’s of the Flickr bakers. If you look closely at the mise en place pic below, you can see  that this cupcake, in the center of my work table,  is almost finished. In the same pic I am working on the fondant rose.

I bake just like all bakers: I need the cupcake paper first so I create that first; then the cake, the frosting, decorate, and place the finished cupcake on the doily which I create to fit. And those Flickr bakers are so right when they say in order to make a fondant rose, you have to practice, practice, practice!  I had to make the roses for this cupcake twice before I got it right!

Published by Patianne on 11 Sep 2008

mise en place

Welcome to The Cardboard Kitchen! It’s a busy place, so I keep it organized. There are utensils, pantry items sorted by color and use, and the necessary odd bits to keep in order. Although not visible here, I use post- it’s as recipe cards. This helps me to keep track of each ingredient in each piece. If I use the wrong ingredient in a particular piece, it tastes terrible!

So how do I organize all this cardboard: enter the pantry.

When a box arrives in The Cardboard Kitchen, I notate in pencil the origin of the box and it’s original function. It then gets sorted into the pantry. Although every piece gets sized down,  and no matter the size large or small, it retains it’s name and origin. That’s why when you receive your delicious no-cal food in the mail and read the ingredients list, you know just what it’s made of.

It’s amazing that eventually I begin to recognize the crumbs floating around: the ones stuck to my clothes or glued in my hair. It’s the same phenomenon as the “other” kitchen: you say to yourself  “I’ve got  that cookie dough in my eyebrow”. I say to myself  “this clump glued on my shirt is from that UPS box I was cooking with”!